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Very unhappy

Thread began 5/03/2012 12:34 am by mike410462 | Last modified 5/05/2012 4:40 am by kelly1398725 | 1767 views | 14 replies |


Very unhappy

I purchased super suite about 3 months ago. I have dw cs4. Mac, I have a BS in CIS. I understand PHP and database driven systems like the back of my hand.
I did not receive DATA BRIDGE - don't even know what it is. It is not an option in my download center.
None of the programs I have are working together well. Did 1 live website with paypal - which I already previously have manually coded ( Paypal cart that is - I understand they just made changes) but had to do most basic, only pay on paypal purchase - because none of the buttons or systems you stated or give code for are supported without custom code(which is fine, but I didn't buy your system so I could code it) or they were just left blank, open ended to be filled in later with correct code.
I used site sculptor to build a new site - added login page - but the form builders are different and separate then the login forms. You state exclusively in the help docs not to use form builder to edit the login forms and I had old code in the login forms that I had to manually patch to get to work - directly from your forums did I find the error code patch fix - and it stated - old code - fix was to update an outdated(old)file (good file overwritten by security assist form code) - why???. And they (css formbuilder/site security(login forms) do not work together - what the hell???
Overall - it seems that I got caught between some major overhauls -I am on all current versions except for the newly updated within the last 2 weeks - and they all involve data bridge which I do not have - even though included in super suite, you are charging me to get.
I am very frustrated with every extension that I have installed. I have login forms and then data assist forms - that use the same, but completely different elements which then overwrite each other.
Per your instructions, I built my site step by step with latest site sculptor and then data assist and then security assist and then every instruction suggested running the css validation extension - but no version, stand alone or the guys name version exist on my system?, it is nowhere to be found. Most of the help documents are out of date and just plain wrong unless it is the most recent, and these usually link to other tuts and articals that are out of date and wrong.
I took a hard look at the paypal code, which I have coded manually (but not since this new change at paypal) there is no longer an express checkout - which much of your documentation suggests using - all of these things you acknowledge in the update info, b and it is sometimes just empty code sitting there - return token - confirmations, etc - all are there as individual components, but none are placed into the pages in a working manner by the wizard- it is just there.
I bought your product because I thought you could simplify and improve upon the code I had been writing. And I still admit - some of your code is still much better (tighter at least)
Instead, I am just confused and stupefied why none of these extensions seem to be working together - individually, I get the code, but your help documentation is so out of date that you are directly contradicting things you told me to do 1 document ago. There are several extensions (forms for 1) that the wizard goes thru, but you must then manually open in the individual extensions program to edit to make work - captcha and form emails had to be accessed thru the individual program as the wizards do not offer the some required settings at all!
You seem like you understand that there was a combined issue with all your product extensions (thus data bridge) but you want another $200 dollars for it.
Look at my account - it is all new - purchase and downloads. All the extensions installed are current (minus the new data bridge updates this week or last) -
Yet I have had to build workarounds to use almost every extension. From moving and renaming files so that they don't get overwritten to finishing what seems to be a code concept - to actually working code (and I am talking paypal specific here). just trying to find the most current info about these extensions has taken days to weeks of reading thru tons of out-dated materials.
I have figured out to use the built in help system to get the latest info, but almost all of them reference out of date and incorrect material to go much farther.I have already discovered major bugs (after using css form builder - I went back and unchecked the client side capability (don't ask why)- which had the effect of allowing any text and form to be accepted in the captcha field - without error - just ok. Even if the answer to what day of the week follows monday as tuba worked just fine - no error or stopping at all. But you allow this box to be unchecked, but it is really a requirement to have client and server side checking to use the captcha system. 2 long days of debugging to figure that out.
Overall, something is terribly wrong. I will not pay you any more money to find out what - but I would be very willing to work thru these issues, but cannot find a method even though I was guaranteed free support.
I understand DW and actually like it's code concepts. I at least understand them. You are the first company that really seemed to work within those bounds and I was excited at the prospect. But something has gone very wrong here. Everything is up to date with what you sold me, but everything seems to have changed and become invalid for me. I don't mind at all studying your code to see what you are doing. But when that code is fundamentally flawed or not implemented correctly and when following step by step tutorials that don't seem to actually have any relation to the program I am using - as button and screens they mention are not anywhere to be found and the code you say is there, we'll isn't, or is attached to another program that seems to be doing things differently - we'll that is now some kind of bizarre hell - and you charged me $800 for it.
And now want more to fix it if possible.
So please, tell me, what is going on. Why are things so badly discombobulated. Why are you trying to charge me more to fix it. Will someone please help me figure out why these things are not working together.
Something seems terribly wrong - and it is not a particular bug or issue - I enjoy figuring those out on a personal level - it is sort of a specialty of mine, but an overall - these extensions don't work together, and certain extensions may or may not be there and work. I basically and honestly could not tell you what I received when I bought super suite - that is how unclear your system currently is. Do I have a css validator? Today I learned I no longer have bing search (and I honestly could not care less), but it is hard to determine what I actual do have - except that I have super suite-
as everything has been combined, absorbed, or dropped with no real clear methodology (actually I understand what you were trying to do in combining like code concepts under parent umbrellas) And I just now learned about this data bridge thing, which seems to me to be your attempt at fixing some of these issues I have above - and yet I did not get data bridge with my super suite. Really?
I will be happy to go over every excruciating detail with you - go over the lines of code, the logic that does not seem to work, but there is so much of it - there is no way to include in an email support ticket. This is already ridiculously long.
There are many small specific issues - I have conquered many 1:1 from the forums or support sites. But overall - there is no cohesive system here - just redundantly flawed elements that when combined bloom into huge problems. And with every extension I use (still just starting to use them- trying them out 1 by 1 as it were) I find more issues and problems. To the point where I am dreading using any of the extensions, as I will again have to figure out a way to make your code work.
Thing is - I just do really basic sites - I am not doing anything super complex here - especially when trying out a new software package (and yes I realize that doing my first trial run with a real live site and customer wasn't the smartest thing - but I had no choice - a make it work or else situation) and while I did get it working, I now dread using a product that I purchased solely to make my life easier.
So I am begging you - please advise. Please convince me that I did not get ripped off from you - that your extensions actually work together, and that I do not have to pay hundreds of more dollars just to make them work. Most of your disgruntled people seem to feel ripped off because you basically state that you do not need to have a lot of code skills to use your product. I have mad code skills - not really an issue with me - but your product seems to be your own worst enemy here - each extension on its own is a revelation of code concept to me - yet put together in Super Suite and I have entered some sort of chaotic hell. Help!!!
Mike Sturm - Eye of the Storm photography

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Ray BorduinWebAssist

I have opened up a support incident for you. Please update it with a phone number and a good time to contact you and we can have an engineer call you and give you an opportunity to demonstrate some of the issues you are having while we have the opportunity to help show you how the tools are intended to use and hopefully make you more confident in the potential they represent.

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Goodness me, I feel like I have been through the eye of a storm with this record breaking delivery of pent up discombobulations.

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Christopher WestCommunity Expert

@mike, I been using WebAssist products for some time now. the only issues I have is my lack of understanding of php/mysql concepts including hand coding at times. (but I am learning) Im writing this as each time im using WebAssist products together im understanding more and more in the way they work and benefit each other. Im just finishing a rather complex site and had no issues that relate to the quality of the products (only my lack of understanding on database concepts). I had to quickly create a back end system for website that needed to be handed over today and decided to take the plunge in using DataBridge (without doing any experimental work before a live project) and to be honest I am impressed with the way they all work together. I does feel a lot "nippier" to use then before and had no crashes or no wierd behaviours in the tools at hand.

the thing with WebAssist that does make it stand out from the crowd is the amazing after-sales support these guys give. And a solution will always be found to any problem. The best part the tech guys help me learn more about coding php/mysql and really gives me motivation to learn more and gives me excitment in the potential these tools bring to a project.

the thing about bugs and problems with software, some people argue software is always in "beta" stage...look at Microsoft Windows OS they are always providing updates and fixes....and lets no even open a debate about Microsoft IE browser ;-)

anyway hoot, have faith in this software, have faith in the guys that have taken time to bring it al together. they will always be happy to help you..god knows how many question I have asked and had quick response times in them helping me.


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I'll second that

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Ian S

I have to say, for what its worth, I think the WA software is fantastic and even as a fairly experienced developer I've come to depend on it to quickly roll out solutions to clients.

I have seen a few posts recently from people complaining about a $50 difference in price, where as in reality you can very quickly make your money back from a super suite purchase by building solutions with the help of these extensions.

I know that we all want something for nothing, and to be honest I think that the extensions that WA produce are a steal at the price they provide not only the extensions for, but the ongoing support afterwards.

Don't forget, at the end of the day WA need to make money and we need them around for support of their products. If they are going to start giving away free upgrades for which they have spent weeks, if not months developing then they aren't going to be around for very much longer.

Keep up the great work WA.


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I agree with the majority of posts here - the extensions that WA produce are great. However, there are always teething troubles when they release a new one, and Data Bridge seems to contain a lot of bugs - from reading the issues others are having, which is why I haven't upgraded yet.

I can also say that WA do issues fixes and these do correct the problems. I too bought Super Suite back in 2007 I believe it was and have been using the extensions it provides for lots of different web projects ever since, covering everything from super basic 2 page sites through to complex database driven sites with a custom built CMS solution that integrates directly with my client's Sage CRM system.

I've also called on WA for support lots of times and found them to be super helpful and always able to fix the issues I was having. Jason has called me. free of charge to fix errors and I live in the UK!

I'll be sticking with WA products and would recommend them to others.

p.s. Form Builder really does need neater code though - sorry, I had to say it I hate the way it uses unordered lists to produce forms.

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Super Suite

Thank you for your replies and thoughts. Thank you for opening up an incident.
I really like the WA software - and really studied the packages to figure out if I indeed needed to purchase everything and the advantages of it. I am not griping on $50, but am concerned about wasting $700 (actually - it has already paid for itself, but I still think that it is a good chunk of change - more like an investment for me - like buying a car - but when the car arrives, it is sitting on 4 flats and the dealer is charging me more for each tire - you sorta assume the car you just bought would at least have the working basic required parts) - but I just bought the package and the problem is that I now seem required to pay more for a working version, not really an update - more like a patch. Sure - future upgrades can have a charge - I understand, but again, this feels more like a patch than an upgrade. And I agree they are greatly helpful little bits of code- worth the investment - but my issue is more of a whole thing then little ones. Where I really felt something went wrong is basically using the product from the start of a project to the end - When done with a whole project scope, I became dismayed at how it did not seem to work together, things just seemed to fall apart. 1 system seemed to overwrite anothers.
This is honestly my first experience with the help system here at Webassist - and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is a good one. I am just a little overwhelmed at the amount of issues I have run into. If WA is willing to help - that is fantastic - but I am honestly getting that MS vibe - and hey I just switched over to macs because I was tired of dealing with MS (but Apple is honestly right up there also - they just do it for more costs and with a bigger smile than MS). But thank you guys for the supportive comments - I am relieved to hear that WA has been dedicated to helping you guys and it does give me more hope.
Again - thank you WA for opening a ticket - one issue with that though - I have read these forums many times- and for many of the problems the answer has been - ticket opened - and thats it - many do not contain info about the fixes. Maybe I am missing an answered later part in the forums, but I keep seeing - support ticket opened as the last statement for many issues. Great for the person needing help - frustrating if you are trying to find answers for yourself though.
superpac250441 - best answer yet - you really made me smile. Not at all helpful, but great answer - sometimes you just have to laugh. I am a wordy sob - sorry.
Thing is though - and I keep coming back to this - I don't seem to have data bridge - I seem to have the individual components - in some sort of hap hazard state. And I just recently bought SS. What I seem to have is like the first attempt at combining all these products into 1 usable package - and it really does not work together - and data bridge is the answer for this, but it is a separate and new charge. Again, I feel like I just bought a car with 4 flats - and the dealer is saying if you want to drive it off the lot,you need to purchase 4 new tires. You really kinda do expect the car to at least drive off the lot. And sure - the engine works, and the interior is buff, and the tires - when not flat are the best tires in the world, but if all those things in the end don't work together, you cannot drive the car home.
So right after this, I will begin to work with WA on my support ticket to get some of the issues resolved. There is some really helpful and cool code and functions in SS - I just feel like I just bought some beta version as opposed to the complete package. And the 'just pay us a little more for a fixed version' attitude is frankly rubbing me the wrong way.
So thanks again - and I really hope this is the start of something and not the end of something.
....sorry 1 more thing - I am having a bear of a time with your captcha above - it is very hard to read - even tried the sound bite (just type what they say?what in the world are they saying??) - it takes 3-4 attempts and many refreshes to get one I can read. Hardest capture I have ever had to deal with.

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First of all i need to say that i also like WA extensions a lot, basically because they are very powerfull once you know how to use them.

One thing i have to agree with Mike is that for people searching answers in these forums, the opening of a ticket usually is the end in this forum and no solutions are posted after that.
It would be a real benefit to this forum if all solutions to support tickets are posted somewhere.

Secondly i believe that it would be good if more tutorials based on practical solution receipts are made for these extensions in the future. Most tutorials are usually based on wizards and standard presets. Most of the times you don't want to use standard presets and only use the wizard as a starting point to go from.

I like the way they do it for instance on DMXZONE website, they make a lot of practical solution receipt for their extensions from which you can get your own ideas and solutions, that way you really show the strenght of the extensions even to people that are new to it.
It would be great if something like that would happen for WA extensions as well.

For the rest, WA keep up the good work!!

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Given that Ray has only recently taken over the helm at WA, I know that he has been listening to what customers are saying. Given the assistance received for Ray and Jason, I am extremely grateful to have them around. I notice that there are a few new tutorials introduced recently and I am confident that Ray and his team will be putting increasing emphasis on the support side.

To mike410462, yes I must agree that you are wordy with largess and given that, I am rather surprised that it took three months before you let loose with your subject "Very unhappy". I would strongly suggest that you make the most of your support incident. I am quite sure that your discombobulations will do somersaults and become pleasant warm fuzzy bobulations after consulting with WA engineers. Given time, I suspect you could even become on of WA's greatest supporters.

As for Data Bridge, it has only just been released this week. Why should it suddenly appear in your downloads? If you bought last year's model Morris Minor do you expect the new model released 3 months later should suddenly replace one one you have in your garage? I think not. Data bridge includes a some major very useful updates. I commend Ray and his team for the great work they have done. No doubt some bugs have arisen but I am confident, given past experience, that these issues will be resolved quickly.

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